Thesis Statement: Let’s Learn

A thesis statement synthesizes the main idea behind a written text in a single text. The reader can get a glimpse of the content discussed in the body of the essay. You must endeavor to write a strong thesis as it determines whether the reader will continue reading your work or not. Writing a thesis statement helps in organizing and developing the body of the text.

Creating a Thesis statement

It takes a long process to come up with a thesis because the writer has to research, draw inferences, compare and contrast ideas. All of the above-mentioned activities are based on evidence gathered. Integrate the few thesis statements you develop from research materials with your arguments. As you proceed deeper into crafting your paper, you will realize that your thesis and arguments might need a few adjustments to correlate.

Writing a thesis requires effort and creativity from the student. Sometimes you will find yourself in a position in which you still have no idea how to go about your thesis statement even after reading the guide and doing research.

Tips for writing a thesis statement

  • Identify the topic you want to write about.
  • Limit the topic. Cover a limited scope so that it helps you in writing a thesis statement that is narrow.
  • Brainstorm. Reflect on different ideas, arguments, and evidence before writing a thesis. The ideas put together will be of help in writing a thesis and shaping your essay.


  • Be specific: As you are writing, ensure that it captures the major theme reflected in the text. The main idea should have enough evidence to support it
  • Put the thesis statement at the end of the first paragraph: It is unusual to place the thesis statement in the conclusion or body.
  • Have a strong statement. The statement should be well thought and worded. Weak thesis statement deters the reader from more of your work.

Example of a strong statement

College graduates should take part in two-year community service before joining university to pursue degrees to increase their responsibility, diligence, and discipline.

Points to remember

  • Ensure the word count is no more than 40 words.
  • The argument in the body should support how the two-year training will help in the transition of students to the university.
  • Always ask yourself if answers the questions “how” and “why” are addressed. If your readers ask themselves these questions, then you have a broad thesis statement.
  • Ensure you state an argument and use facts to support your viewpoint.

Types of theses

Writers encounter problems in differentiating the thesis statements while coming up with a “working” thesis statement.


It analyzes a topic. In this type, you define the topic and evaluate some of its aspects. Analytical thesis statements are considered the most challenging.


An analysis of the study conducted by the World Bank reveals that one challenge facing African countries is an inability to tap into their natural resources fully to propel economic development.

The thesis highlights the topic, which is the study conducted by the World Bank, and how it will evaluate the problem faced by African countries.


An explanatory thesis is mostly used in research essays. You should desist from openly declaring a stand on the issue at hand when writing this type of thesis statement. In an explanatory statement, the thesis statement announces the subject to the reader. It further lists aspects of topics evaluated.


Illegal drug use in Mexico and Colombia has led to an increase in insecurity and violence in the country.

The explanation that follows should highlight the effects of illegal drug use and give supporting evidence.


An argumentative statement is a form of personal response to a particular subject. You should present a challenge to the readers in an understandable manner. An argumentative thesis statement is a claim and not a factual statement. Therefore, the rest of the paper should bring out arguments that support the claim.


College graduates should take part in two-year community service before joining university to pursue degrees to increase their responsibility, diligence, and discipline.

The argument presented in the paper must give evidence to demonstrate the claim by the writer on the importance of the two-year community service before pursuing a university education.

If you are working on a research paper, perhaps you could use our research paper outline guide for reference.

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