Top Step by Step Dissertation Writing Tips

A dissertation refers to the final project that students submit as evidence of having completed their core research project. It is also the research paper that Ph.D. students present before the award of their doctorate degrees. A dissertation is frequently confused with a thesis. It is not uncommon for scholars to encounter problems during dissertation writing that can cause a huge set back in their academic progress.

Problems Encountered During Dissertation Writing

  • Procrastination. We can all collectively agree that most students do not set a time frame to stick to during dissertation writing. Having a timeline ensures that you avoid the last-minute rush, which renders your dissertation writing a tedious process.
  • Poor research skills. Research skills are fundamental in dissertation writing, as it is the basis of any dissertation.
  • Poor writing skills. It is a common problem among academicians in dissertation writing. The major hurdle occurs in citations when information from additional sources are used. If done incorrectly, the writer is often accused of plagiarism that leads to a fresh writing process.
  • right places, such as journal articles, books, web articles, among others.

The Research Part

  • Ensure that you have spoken to your supervisor on the title and draft outline of your research.
  • Make a timeline for the project.
  • Look for information in the right places, such as journal articles, books, web articles, among others.

Sections of a Dissertation


The introduction is a crucial aspect of the dissertation paper as the writer formulates a thesis statement at this stage. A thesis statement is a single sentence where the main idea behind the paper is highlighted. A thesis statement should be narrowed as a broad one obscures the main idea in the essay.

Clear definitions of terms used in the dissertation writing are explained in this segment, and the writer states the background of the problem. Also, the purpose of the research is stated.

The Main Body

The main arguments surrounding the topic are raised, expounded on concisely and evidence to support the arguments given. In dissertation writing, quotations are used to increase the authenticity of the paper.

The main body can be subdivided into the following chapters;

Literature Review

It is a review of the research process.


This chapter mostly focuses on the research questions, hypotheses, and data analysis. The writer expounds on the location of resources and the implementation of the data collection results.

Data Analysis and Findings

This is one of the most important chapters as it directly answers the research questions.


The conclusion is mostly done in a rush with excitement to complete the paper. Writers should take their time to draw a coherent conclusion as it depicts strongly in work.

Features of a Good Conclusion

  • Summarizes the main arguments behind the paper without making it ambiguous and redundant.
  • Offers recommendations that can be taken into account in future research.
  • Briefly explains your findings and how it can make an impact on fellow scholars. Also, the practical implementation of the findings in the real world.


A bibliography list must be presented to show the sources that were used in research. The correct citation style must be adhered to.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing is a crucial aspect of dissertation writing as it is focused on the structure of the dissertation. It is meant to correct any gaps that arise and add more detailed information. At this stage, one may seek professional editing services.


Feedback from colleagues and mentors in the field is valuable as the opinion improves the quality of the paper.

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