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Our terms and conditions

By using our website –Allresearchers.com—you agree to abide by our terms and conditions, as stipulated below. These terms apply to all website visitors and those who choose to use our services. ‘We’ or ‘us’ refers to allresearchers.com and ‘you’ refers to anybody using our website and services. ‘Order’ refers to the task that is meant to be completed by Allresearchers.com.

General Agreement

We work with experts in a variety of fields to offer unique and diverse services to all our clients. Once a client places an order, an expert in the specified field of study is assigned to work on the order or tutoring session. In case of dissatisfaction, the client is allowed to ask for a revision from our Quality Assurance Team.

Copyright Disclaimer

All content on our website is solely owned by allresearchers.com and is not licensed for sale or distribution to any third party whatsoever. The client is permitted to access print of the material for their personal used and is prohibited from commercializing it.

Limitation of Use

All services rendered on allresearchers.com are solely for the client’s use and non-transferable. In instances where a client wants to share the content, then consent in writing should be presented to allresearchers.com, stating the intent of use before transferring. We respond to these requests within two working days to ensure thorough validation before granting the request.

All users must be 18 years of age and above to access our services and subscribe to mail alerts and promotional content. Students under the age of 18 are required to provide proof of consent by the parent or legal guardian.

By accessing and using our services, you fully agree to use the information provided to you by the tutor, editors, and writers for study purposes only and that you will not submit this information as original work for grades or course evaluations.

All information that you submit to Allresearchers.com is immediately licensed to us as intellectual property.

Gross violation of our terms and conditions will lead to immediate termination of your use of our services and website permanently. This decision is final and irreversible.

Liability Limitation

Allresearchers.com has no liability whatsoever for any downtime experienced while accessing our website; however, our team of experts is always on standby to ensure your experience is seamless.

We pride ourselves in using trusted software; hence, we do not take any liability for data loss from your computer, server, or network.

We reserve the right to suspend all activities during website maintenance, however, all users will be promptly notified beforehand.

Revision Policy

The company accepts revisions within 10 days after order submission. Within the stated days, revision is done at no fee at all, preceding revisions are charged separately and the client will be invoiced. Non-genuine revisions and any change of instructions from the original order are unacceptable. A revision request with changed instructions will need compensation. The client will have to pay for the revision. The company reserves the right to set prices and deadlines for revisions.

User Policy

The client is solely responsible for any content or information submitted to our website in regards to the services we offer. When you upload or contribute to content through our services, then you are required to adhere to our community usage rules strictly. Content deemed offensive will be removed from the website and respective accounts will be terminated immediately.

Prohibited User Content

  1. Any offensive content that elicits racism, hatred, harassment and bigotry against any individual.
  2. Any sexual or violent comments that are deemed offensive and demean other people at Allresearchers.
  3. Promoting information that is misleading or promotes illegal activities or behavior that is obscene and defamatory.
  4. Transmitting unsolicited spam emails to Allresearchers.
  5. Posting pictures or videos of other persons without consent.
  6. Any information that contains passwords that is designed to solicit information from other users. In addition, any use of bots, worms and viruses to hamper the functionality of Allresearchers servers.
  7. Commercializing Allreserachers intellectual property without prior consent.
  8. Unauthorized advertising of services to Allresearchers users.


We reserve the right to charge membership fees or subscriptions for using any of our services. Discount coupons are valid until a certain amount of time. In instances where a client is offered a deposit, the balance must be cleared before receiving the order.

Contact Us

For more clarification of our Terms and Conditions, feel free to contact Allresearchers at any time. Our teams of experts are always at your service.