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Editing refers to the process of arranging, revising and preparing written work to convey information. Editing is a crucial process in academic writing, a well-edited piece of writing leaves a strong impression on the reader. Editing is done immediately after completion of the first draft. Editing is meant to assess the general organization, the transition between paragraphs and whether the evidence backs up the content. Online editing tools available on All Researchers are highly recommended during editing for a flawless paper.

Several levels of editing

  1. Content

In this level, the editor ensures that the question in the assignment is well explored. The editor also analyzes the accuracy and consistency of the claims made and the completeness of the argument. Each point made must be supported with enough evidence. All information conveyed must be pertinent to the assignment.

  1. Structural fitness

This level is meant to ensure that the paper adheres to the general structure: Introduction, body, and conclusion. The thesis statement must be mentioned in the introduction. Subsequent paragraphs should relate to the thesis. Structural editing ensures that information is conveyed logically with transitions between paragraphs. See our handout on the overall structure at All Researchers.

  • Paragraph structure

This level ensures that paragraphs begin with a topic sentence that introduces

the main idea. Each paragraph should revolve around one idea. Look out for extraneous sentences in your paragraphs.

  1. Style

Ensure your tone of choice is appropriate. Look out for your gendered language to ensure that it does not correctly refer to a specific gender. Edit phrases that use the passive voice. Replace repeated words with synonyms and do away with unnecessary phrases.

  1. Citations

In this level, the editor ensures that the citations are in the correct format. If unsure about a citation style, see the All Researchers tutorial on how to go about it.

Points to consider

  • Longer sentences are difficult to comprehend: Ensure you break down the sentences to reduce incidental errors and unnecessary words.
  • When editing ensure that you do not overuse passive voice, active voice is the most recommended.
  • Use simple language that the readers will comprehend, trim longer sentences to reduce the word count.
  • Longer sentences have a psychological effect on the reader, as it complicates the information being conveyed.

Do’s in editing

  • Editing is not a process to be done at once. Edit systematically focusing on a single block of text to minimize the chances of missing out on crucial mistakes.
  • Editing should be done in a quiet place with minimal disturbances. Irritants such as noise are destructive. Set a time limit for solely editing.
  • Stay objective and benevolent so that you can critically edit the piece of work without any biases.

Accord adequate time for editing, rushing through will only create new mistakes.

Don’ts in editing

  • Avoid editing and writing simultaneously as it destructs you from writing. It does not save time. Eventually, you will still have to edit. It also obstructs the writer from seeing the whole picture surrounding the text.
  • Avoid editing on a computer, print out the work and make all the corrections manually, then add them into your document.
  • Do not forget to have a fresh set of eyes on the piece of work; these could be your friends, colleagues or professor. A different perspective is often invaluable.

Common mistakes in editing

  • Overusing filler words.
  • Editing last minute as you do not consider it important.
  • Overlooking repetitions. This mostly happens to writers who choose to edit on the computer.

Formatting in academic writing is deemed equally important as the content being conveyed. All Researchers understands the need to present a flawless paper whether a dissertation, term paper or coursework, and solves the problem by offering online formatting services.

Why seek online formatting services?

  • The formatting of your paper helps create the first impression to a reader. Therefore, a paper lacking in this aspect can be easily downgraded by your lecturer despite you having put in a lot of effort. A well-formatted paper gives a strong impression and is mind-blowing to the lecturer.
  • To enable you to beat set deadlines: Deadlines are truly a headache, especially if you are adhering to a specific formatting style. All Researchers will get your paper ready in a few hours, whether it is APA, MLA, Harvard or Chicago formatting. All you need is to submit a draft of your work. The draft will be subject to confidentiality and privacy as outlined in our policy.

Formatting overview

Before submitting a paper, you are advised to consult with your professor the formatting styles that they require you to adhere to. It is of the essence to use standard formatting styles as they boost your credibility and portray your understanding of the university guidelines.

  1. Document margins

Academic papers submitted to the professors for grading should have 1” margins all through unless otherwise stipulated.

  1. Indentation

The first line in a paragraph should be indented.

  • Font

Academic papers use either: Times New Roman or Cambria font size 12.

  1. Alignment

It is recommended for your text to be left aligned, as justified text is difficult to read mostly when it is improperly typeset.

  1. Spacing

The entire document should be double-spaced inclusive of the heading and bibliography, and no extra spaces should exist between paragraphs.

  1. Page numbers

All page numbers should be automatically inserted in the upper right-hand corner, except in the first page. In MLA formatting style, the last name of the author and page number are at the upper right. In APA, a shortened version of the title and page number appears at the upper right corner.

  • Blocked quotation

Indent and block out any quotation exceeding four lines in a paragraph. Rules for quotations differ depending on the formatting style.

Big three formatting styles

APA: It is commonly used in social sciences such as sociology, medicine, and psychology. This formatting style was put together by the American Psychological Association, currently in the 6th edition. One of the pitfalls in this formatting style is the inability of students to properly cite web sources.

MLA: It refers to the Modern Language Association used in humanities such as English major. Common pitfalls include:

  • Placing a period before and sometimes after the parenthetical citation
  • Placing the closing quotation mark after the citation in parenthesis instead of after the quote
  • Placing quotation marks inside commas and periods instead of after them
  • Forgetting to use alphabetical listing.
  • Leaving out the city of publication

CMA: Chicago Manual of Style is mostly used in publishing works.

Formatting is indeed a vital part in academic writing as it shows an understanding and proper incorporation of the sources in the paper, learners are urged to make use of the formatting styles handbook and guides available on All Researchers.

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Meaning of a Research Paper

A research paper is an extensive piece of writing with a collection of information from various sources meant to be analyzed from different perspectives to create an end product based on the authors perspective. A research paper can be for term essays, master’s thesis or doctoral dissertations. It seeks to increase the author’s knowledge on a particular subject matter. A research paper contributes to the pool of knowledge in the research area, providing new perspectives on the topic.

Misconceptions about a research paper

A common mistake that scholars make is writing a summary of the sources used during research. All Researchers offers a comprehensive guide on how to go about your research paper for the first time to avoid making a mistake that could deteriorate your academic progress.

A research paper is a continuous explanation of the writer’s opinion, analyses, and critique that are based on the writer’s unique interpretation of the research sources. It is not just a summary of information from the sources used. The sole purpose is to skillfully and intelligently look for relevant information that creates a unique perspective on the subject matter.

Types of Research Papers

Argumentative Research Papers

An argumentative research paper introduces the main argument and takes a clear stand that is clearly defined in the thesis statement. Often students are advised to use thesis statements, however, coming up with one can be a difficult task.  A thesis statement is a brief statement, usually the last sentence in the introductory paragraph that introduces the main theme and presents the writer’s viewpoint to be discussed in the rest of the paper. At All Researchers, we offer professional guidance on how to go about different thesis statements.

In such a research paper ensure that the topic chosen is intriguing and will arouse different reactions from the readers.


The increasingly high number of patients suffering from heart failure, diabetes type II and obesity is as a result of consumption of fast food.

Analytical Research Paper

An analytical research paper commences with the writer posing a question to the readers. It offers a new perspective on literary work by critically evaluating the sources reinforcing the writer’s interpretation of the topic.


World War I had many different causes, however, the sense of nationalism was the major cause for the proliferation of the war.

Research Paper Topic

The initial step in writing a research paper is coming up with the research paper topic. Some supervisors present a list of topics for their students to undertake which makes the process of drafting the research paper easy as opposed to coming up with individual topics. Allowing students to come up with their topics needs enough time for consultation with the supervisor, which sometimes isn’t available. As the supervisors have experience on a subject matter, students should have faith in the topic suggested to them. At the same time, accredited sites like All Researchers are recommended for students as it offers professional assistance to aid in choosing a viable topic.

Choosing a Topic

You need to start choosing the topic as an onerous process. The key is planning early and start to narrow down on the topic to have an idea of what the final topic will look like. Brainstorm ideas and write down the possible topics as it is easier to visualize a written idea. Note that an initial topic may not be the final topic in your research paper.

Basic Research Paper Outline

A basic research outline is categorised into formal and informal. A formal research paper outline uses numbers and letters to arrange headings and sub-headings to make the paper organized. On the other hand, an informal research paper outline is usually a working tool that is subject to revision. Key points that are to be represented in the research paper are contained in the research paper outline. The structure of the outline comprises of the following.

  • Title page- The name of the author, institution, and
  • Abstract- It is usually around 250 words and a summary of the paper.
  • Introduction- A summary of the main ideas to be discussed in the paper.
  • Manuscript body-The main arguments presented and supporting evidence. Also, the methodology, discussion, results obtained are under this section
  • References- The list of sources used in the research paper.

First Draft

It is important to write the first draft to have a well-organized research paper. Here the author summarizes and paraphrases the main ideas and arguments to appear in the final draft.

Final Draft

The final draft is a revised version of the research paper outline that has undergone proofreading and editing services. Editing establishes structural basis while proofreading removes both grammatical and punctuation errors. At this point, scholars can seek editing tools found on All Researchers to ensure the research paper is flawless.

The term dissertation is a Latin word that means to debate. A dissertation is a scholarly paper that is based on original research and allows the student to demonstrate their mastery of content and research skills. It also gives the student a chance at analyzing a set of ideas and reviewing different perspectives on the subject.

A dissertation must be written for the award of an undergraduate degree or a professional qualification.

Writing a successful dissertation sounds daunting to many students, due to the immense research work involved. Thankfully, technological inventions make it easier to access dissertation services online by just a click of a button. Leaners are cautioned against accessing just any dissertation services sites as some are prone to cons, poor quality work and missed deadlines.

An online accredited site such as All Researchers should be your first choice in seeking dissertation services. The site offers quality custom writing services, professional research as they are equipped with high-tech search engines and a high turnover of work. Furthermore, the testimonials from previous work are very encouraging thus learners seeking dissertation services should worry no more.

Why seek dissertation services?

  • Writing a dissertation is a new experience. A dissertation is an independent research and slightly differs from your previous academic projects like lab reports and essays. Making use of dissertation services eases your transition from a student to an intellectual academician.
  • A dissertation is a broad and independent project. A dissertation factors in in-depth research work, and analysis of the subject matter. The process is self-guided majorly to ensure that learner crafts mastery of the subject matter and the scholarly method. Dissertation services come in handy for both undergraduate and doctoral students who are easily overwhelmed due to the workload.
  • Dissertations set the pace for the future. Finishing your dissertation allows you to re-define your professional identity and take up new roles in the research community based on your interests during this time. A dissertation is termed as the beginning of the end of a scholar’s career. Dissertation services at All Researchers aim to offer services based on the scholar’s commitment towards a certain topic and their research interests.
  • To strategically place your dissertation among the leading scholarly works. A dissertation can be used in journal articles, books and in policy making based on research. It can amount to the executive job promotion or a career launch. Therefore, it ought to be done exhaustively professionally to get you to the next level, and dissertation writing services come in handy.

What dissertation services do for you.

  • Allows you to manage your topic. The topic is vital in the dissertation as it offers an insight to the readers what is entailed in the dissertation. Learners must take note of the fact that the topic keeps changing and the topic you started with is not necessarily the one you will present. As you write your dissertation, you must consider adjusting variables such as length, number of case studies to allow discussion of pertinent issues. Dissertation service usually allocates an excellent writer with whom you will work unanimously to achieve eminent results. Managing your topic includes: Structure outline, content, abstract and tone.
  • Alleviate the workload. Often students find themselves juggling so much between personal, career and professional work. Dissertation services come in handy as they minimize the academic burden, allowing you to unwind and go for a jog or walk in the All Researchers ensures that you’re up to date with your dissertation.

Problems dissertation services solve

  • Dissertations bring forth immense opportunities such as scholarships and job opportunities, hence students always want to showcase their inherent skills. Competition nurtures hostility instead of co-operation. Dissertation services employ the use of top-notch professionals such as those in All Researchers, and you can rest assured that your dissertation will be the best and attract relevant stakeholders. Furthermore, engaging directly with the writer ensures you know the content.
  • It is a massive problem among scholars, and it leads to a pile of workload and lagging behind hence missing set deadlines. Dissertation services come in handy as they work on your dissertation seamlessly and tirelessly to ensure your final project is flawless and timely. It spares you the daunting task of setting alarms, snoozing them and using to-do apps. You let them plan the dissertation for you.

Dissertation services ensure your final project is well polished and devoid of grammatical errors. All Researchers ensures that you present a winning dissertation project.

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