Youth Rebellion

Youth rebellion as a precursor of juvenile delinquency is a popular culture mainstay, from Holden Caufield to rock music. But as you have focused on over the first 2 weeks of this course, through the Learning Resources and Discussions, the role of juveniles in society and the criminal justice system is more complex than cultural signifiers might indicate.

In this Assignment, you write a paper that provides the opportunity for you to demonstrate your understanding of these concepts and how they are related. Then, you apply these concepts to a contemporary, complex scenario involving the repercussions of youthful actions.

· Read case study found in the Criminal Justice Case Studies: Juvenile Delinquency and Justice document.

· Aspects of the Assignment require you to apply your learning to this2 case study.

In 250 to 500 words, respond to the following:

· How did juveniles become a distinct legal and social age group?

· What was the role of the education system in this process?

· How do courts treat adults and juveniles differently? Explain why.

· How do intervention strategies differ between adults and juveniles? Explain why.

In 500 to 750 words, respond to the following:

· Recommend an approach for how one area of the criminal justice system should handle the juveniles involved in the  case study.

· Imagine that the same scenario played out among a group of college-aged adult coworkers at a restaurant. Explain how the same approach would or would not be relevant for adult offenders.

Agnew, R., & Brezina, T. (2017). Juvenile delinquency: Causes and control (6th ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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