Writing a Case Study

What is a Case Study?

A case study is a type of research that involves and in-depth analysis of a real-life situation, person, group, event, program, or business, in order to see patterns and causes for behavior or problems that need to be solved. They are used in a variety of disciplines such as business, healthcare, social work, psychology, political s cience, and law.

4 Types of Case StudiesCase Studies are Used to ShowCase Studies Can
illustrativeexploratorycumulativecriticalhowwhatwhypredict future trendsshow alternative solutionsoutline common or uncommon links between causes in subjects

What Should a Case Study Include?

A successful case study report should relate a theory or theories learned from course material to a real-life application. It should include background information on the subject of study, an in-depth analysis of the subject showing problems or effective strategies, and recommendations for improvement.

Steps to Writing a Case Study

  1. Select a subject to study if it has not already been provided by your teacher/professor
  2. Collect data on your subject
  3. Analyze, interpret, and report case studies

Case Study Paper

The format for a case study report may differ based on the type of paper required. Read through your instructor’s instructions thoroughly to make sure you are providing the right type of case study and are following all prompts and directions.

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A medical case study might follow this format:

  1. Background- general background on subject of study, for example the disease being reviewed
  2. Presentation of the case- details of your study or patient medical condition and history
  3. Observations and investigation- what was observed during the study
  4. Diagnosis- what the patient was diagnosed with based on symptoms
  5. Treatment- prescribed treatments such as medications or therapy
  6. Outcome- outcome of treatments prescribed
  7. Discussion- review of study and information gained

A business case study might follow this format:

  1. Introduction or Summary- provide a background on the company studied from their founding and critical events to structure and growth
  2. Identification of Strengths, Weaknesses, External Opportunities and Threats (SWOT)- what is currently working and what needs improvement in the company? What opportunities does the company have and what possible competitors and competitive products are there?
  3. Identify any Corporate or Business-level Improvements- analyze the company’s current mission and goals and how their actions are fulfilling or not fulfilling those
  4. Determine whether any changes would be beneficial and if so what
  5. Analyze marketing strategies, costs, and structure
  6. Make recommendations based on known theories and supported by your analysis along with a process for implementation

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