Work Conflict


For your follow up, please select one called a work conflict and discuss its place in the Cold War. For example the Korean War, Vietnam War, Cuban Missile Crisis etc. 250-300 words

The desire for superiority was one of the key factors that led to the reluctance of US not joining the Soviet Union in the cold war. There was a major conflict between these two powers mainly because the United States which was a capitalist stated wanted to control the idea of communism from spreading. It was impossible for the two countries to fight each directly since they possessed atomic bombs. Instead, they resulted in a cold war (1945-1989) without engaged their military in physical combat (Grogin, 2001). Neither of the two major states was willing to surrender and the fierce competition was inevitable. Soviet Union considered the US a threat to its ambitions so did the United States.

The fear of communism was the main cause of such rivalry. In addition, America was afraid that the Soviet Union would expand communism and create the revolution in the western European nations that would eventually transfer to the United States. It is for this reason that the two nations had to fight. The US was not prepared to take such risk since communism had already spread in the western European countries. As such, the idea of commanding a new framework on the centuries-old pattern among great powers pitted the democratic United States, the capitalist, against the Communist and the Soviet Union (Argentieri, 2006).  One basic tactic used by the United States then was forming an alliance with other nations to fight for the interests that mattered to them. To add on, the two superpowers had divergent differences in the political systems and this prevented any mutual understanding on major policies. All in all, the threat of communism necessitated the US to enter into cold war with the Soviet Union.

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