Winfield Refuse Management, Inc. Case, Powerpoint presentation help

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Read the 3 files that I attach it and Do fact sheet and powerpoint about the factsheet Also see the sample of factsheet that I attach It


– Winfield Refuse Management, Inc. Case – Raising debt versus equity

In choosing the “best” financing option for Winfield Refuse Management, Inc., consider the following:

 Pros and cons of issuing debt versus equity – specific to Winfield Refuse

 Interpreting EBIT chart and how used in your decision making

 Annual cash outlays for each financing decision, especially annual cash outlay in 2013 and 2030

 Risk and Return tradeoffs for bondholders versus stockholders – specific to Winfield Refuse

 Impact of each financing decision on relevant financial ratios, impact to control, corporate flexibility, increased risk

 Why your chosen financing option is the “best” for this company – how do you address each director’s concerns

    • Note
      • standard 1″ margins
      • single-spacing (text)
      • double-spacing between paragraphs
      • no paragraph indentation (left justified)
      • size 12 font, Times New Roman, black text
      • italicized or bold font for section headings


do the calculation

Fact sheet pages must be 4 pages

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See attachment which some examples of factshee

Use one image and use several graphs

For each case, students must summarize his/her individual analysis in a summary document/fact-sheet which is 4-pages (not including attached spreadsheet)

The grades of Factsheet

  • Understanding/Concise statement of Problem- 5 pts
  • Rationale for each financing option considered including understanding of EBIT chart- 10 pts
  • Annual cash outlays for each option – 10 pts
  • Impact of each decision – financial ratios, risk and return, corporate control and flexibility – 10 pts
  • Selling points (Pros and Cons) to each director; why financing option chosen – 10 pts
  • Format and Layout of Information in supporting decision – 5 pt

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