Windowing System

Question 1

Topic: “Identify at least three different UNIX user interface windowing systems. Compare their functionality, features, reported reliability, and system requirements. Discuss the relative difficulties of setup and configuration for each system. “

• It must be a minimum of 5 pages(without references);
• must be in APA format;
• must include a reference page with the list of references used. 

View the following websites to familiarize yourself with the properly guidelines used to construct a reference page:

This project will be graded as follows: 
• 80% on content;
• 10% on organization;
• 10% on mechanics.

Question 2

the report should be about “Developing Skills through Innovative Role-Based Training”

and How do you address individual training requirements when individuals perform multiple roles? Is it the content, the instructor, the student interaction, the delivery medium, or the location that has the most influence on training acceptance?

requirements :

  • Prepare a 2 page report, single spaced, size 12,

Note: Prepare a class PowerPoint Presentation (minimum 15-20 slides) and DEMO with all the requirements of this Research Paper (Survey, results, table, diagram, etc) (50% of your grade is based on DEMO) (2.5 points)

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