Western Civilization

For readability, please be sure to double-space your assignments. Use this provided upload document to submit your response to the following discussion:

Now that you have completed the Western Civilization 1 course, let’s take a few moments to reflect on some of the main themes discussed: cultural traditions, religion, government, military force, innovation, science, law,and, of course, money. 

In the text field below, please provide your response to the following discussion questions in 250-500 words. Then, save the file as either .doc or .docx format, and upload the document into the Upload Area for Discussion 5. Please use double-spacing, and include a standard header with your Name, Course, Assignment, and Date.

  • Can you describe how these 8 factors have served to transform Western Civilization since ancient times? 
  • Which of these factors do you think has been most important in determining how our world is today? 

Please try to use any information learned in this course to support your final essay response and thank you for your participation!

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