Week 5 Assignment Risk Management Project

Assignment 5 Guidance


If you noticed, there is no template provided for this week’s assignment.  In the past, I have found that this has caused confusion.  There are many different types of risk register in use each with its own purpose and use.  If it helps, I have provided an example of a common type of risk register and placed a copy in docsharing.  The first 8 rows are typically hidden and used for drop down lists to control the data being input.  For this assignment, I have made them visible but for most of the cells have removed the restrictions.  Many of the columns have comments attached, so review them first.   You can use this template if you want or you can develop your own.

In either case: Here is what I am looking for:

·      You will need 10 risks described using the risk metalanguage.  Make any corrections to the metalanguage based on my comments in prior assignments.

·      Each Risk should have a qualitative Probability and Impact and the Risk Matrix should be marked appropriately

·      Develop a Risk Response Plan with a Risk Response Strategy, potential triggering event if possible, and a well-developed and well-stated Response Action.  Use the response strategy provided in the text.  This is where you want to focus your efforts

Objective Points Score
Use a title block with your name, date, course and section 2  
Include a one or two sentence description of your project. 2  
Use an appropriate form 1  
Provide 10 well-defined risks using the risk metalanguage. 3  
Fill in the cells for your qualitative probability and impact assessment.   Based on the P-I for each risk add it to the appropriate cell in the risk matrix. 2  
For each risk show a Response Strategy as presented in the text. 10  
Identify possible triggers and risk owners (from your stakeholder analysis). 10  
Finally, discuss in a bit more detail the actions that might be taken to match the Response Strategy. 10  
Total 40  

Avoid is always a tough one typically you avoid a risk by not doing a task or deliverable.

Look at EARNED VALUE to estimate progress

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