Water Vapor

Question 1

The third-most important GHG is:

a.water vapor.

b.nitrous oxide.



Question 2

Examining your flight plans for a trip from Atlanta, Georgia, to Seattle, Washington, and back, you notice that the total time in the air for the flight to Seattle is much longer than the flight back to Atlanta. Then it occurs to you that this is probably because of the impact of:

a.the jet stream

b.several weather fronts along the way

c.the mixing of the troposphere and stratosphere

d.changes in time zones as you fly between the east and the west

Question 3

The effect of the 2008 recession has

a.speeded up the flight from inner cities to suburbs.

b.made existing properties more valuable.

c.greatly slowed the suburban building boom and the purchase of new houses.

d.reversed the movement to suburbs, increasing the pressure to find housing in the inner city.

Question 4

Over the past 60 years, as people moved from U.S. cities to suburbs, the people that were left behind in the cities were primarily

a.older, poor people representing ethnic minorities.

b.younger, wealthy people representing ethnic minorities.

c.older and wealthy Caucasians.

d.younger Caucasians.

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