Water Supply System

1) The timeline (historical to present day) for the development of the NYC water supply system.

2) What are the sources of water used in the City? – How much of the New York City water supply is draw from the Hudson River? – How much is drawn from watersheds outside of the Metropolitan area? – How much is drawn from groundwater? – Why do you think NYC had to look for water outside of the city?

3) How may natural events such as superstorm Sandy impact NYC water supply? 

4) How is water moved from source to the users? – How is the water stored until it is delivered to the users? – If reservoirs are used, how many reservoirs are involved and what is the capacity of each reservoir?

5) What role does the government play in regulating water? How is New York City water regulated? 

6) How has technology changed the way water systems are designed, constructed, operated, and are maintained? 

7) What are some current issues and challenges facing the New York City Water supply system? What is the future outlook for the continued reliability of the New York City water supply system?

8) If you were the mayor of New York City, what changes would you like to see implemented in the way the New York Water supply system is managed?

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