War Veteran Case Study

1. Would you complete a suicide assessment with Martin? Why? Why not? What are the risk and protective factors that might have a bearing on this assessment? What safety measures might be needed?
2. Would you perform a trauma screening? Why or why not? What are some possible symptoms that might emerge as indicators of trauma arousal?
3. What relationship assessments might provide insight into the quality of his family relationships?
4. What family therapy interventions would you suggest for this case? How would you integrate these with trauma and grief issues?

Also here are other resources and videos:
Hanna, Suzanne M. (2018, Dec 10). Stress Response Basics. [Video File].

Diamond, G. and S. Levy (2015). Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT) Webinar. Philadelphia, PA.

Adverse Childhood Experience Questionnaire (2006) .

Post-traumatic Checklist (PCL-5; 2013).

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