Wage Gap

Stuff You Should Know Podcast- How the Gender Pay Gap Works
Freakonomics Radio- The True Story of the Gender Pay Gap
Anne Crittendon- The Mommy Tax
Netflix, Explained- The Wage Gap
Any independent research you find relevant

Briefly summarize what is commonly referred to as the “wage gap” or “gender pay gap” as you understand it.

Briefly summarize how 3 different sources calculate and present an argument for/against the wage gap. Your sources should include The Mommy Tax, one podcast listed above, and the third can be your choice.

Compare and contrast all 3 sources. What does each model of thinking have in common about the gender pay gap and where do they differ?

Which do you ascribe to? Why?

Feel free to include personal experience you have with this or how it might affect you in the future.

The paper:
Your paper should address all 4 points listed under Instructions. You should demonstrate knowledge from reading/podcast.

Relevant info:
This 2-3 page essay-report is worth 15 points and should include works cited. Lecture notes do not require a citation. Grammar and punctuation count toward your overall score.
You should also consult the writing style rubric which will provide more detail about grading procedure.

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