Virtue Ethics


Business Ethics Current Event

1. Current Event with Ethical Implications (Writing requirement below) If you can relate the current event to that day’s lecture – possible bonus points!!

A. The main PURPOSE of this article is: 

B. The key QUESTION(s) the author is addressing is:

C. The most important INFORMATION in this article is: 

D. The main INFERENCES (conclusions) in this article are: 

E. The key CONCEPTS (theories, Utilitarian, Deontological, Virtue Ethics, laws, principles, ideas) that guide the author’s reasoning are: 

F. The main ASSUMPTIONS (generalizations author is taking for granted) underlying the author’s thinking are: 

G. If this line of reasoning is justified, the IMPLICATIONS (consequences of taking this line of thinking seriously) are: 

H. The main POINT OF VIEW presented in this article is: 

2. Ethical Dilemma(s) 

3. Your Judgment on this Issue based on Utilitarian, Principal Based (Deontological), or Virtue Ethics:


The words we choose when we communicate with others can have a profound impact on whether or not our communication is successful. We often fail to consider the importance of word choice until it is too late, and our communication has failed. Think of a time when the words you selected contributed to your miscommunication with another person. How did your word choice impact the miscommunication? What could you have done differently?

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