Viral Infections

Question 1

What has overtaken tuberculosis as the disease that causes the most adult deaths worldwide?





Question 2

The WHO has stated that                                                       is the world’s biggest killer.



c.high cholesterol

d.high blood pressure

Question 3

Over the past 50 years, global life expectancy has:

a.decreased by about 5 years, due primarily to increases in viral infections

b.stayed about the same, due to new diseases spread by global climate change

c.risen about 5 years due to the development of many poor nations

d.risen more than 20 years due to better health care and nutrition worldwide

Question 4

Risk management involves:

a.a thorough review of the information available pertaining to the hazard in question and the risk characterization of that hazard.

b.a decision to as to whether the weight of the evidence justifies a regulatory action.

c.none of the above

d.both A and B.

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