Violence and Resentment

Question 1

The topic of debate is Does robots have rights do have a war with human, and I will agree with this topic

write an introduction, 400 words (90 sec speech)

Thesis: Robots have the right to want war with humans because they have wrongfully treated all robots

Outline:* Main point: The violence and resentment between the robots and the humans is due to the insecurities of humans regarding their place in the world. With the rapid technological development of the robots, humans began to feel that they were being replaced, and these feelings of insecurity led to anger and eventually, to the horrible, mistreatment of the robots. We believe that the robots in Descender were treated horrible and unfairly by the humans, and therefore they have the right to wage war with the humans.Build a case that shows humans are evil, robots are good Ex. Humans felt threatened by the powerful robots => humans become horribly evil and mistreat the robots.Ex. Humans hunt robots like animals despite their emotional capabilities to feel and understand.

Question 2

Choose one of the following topics and write a well-developed essay. Give yourself 2 hours maximum. DO NOT consult outside sources. This assignment is intended to reflect your own thoughts and should not include outside information. Submit the essay to the Turnitin drop box below.

3 pages minimum

1. Does social media and technology make us more or less connected to each other? 
2. At a local University, a professor who has been teaching there since 1969 has been ordered by the administration (which had received an anonymous complaint that the materials were offensive) to remove from his office door items that reflect his conservative political views. Do you agree or disagree with the administration that he should not post these items on his office door? What kinds of materials should be considered offensive and inappropriate for the office door of a college professor?

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