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Question 1

Term Project: Getting Started with Microsoft Access 2013

•To be able to create databases in Access 2013

•To be able to create tables in Access 2013

•To understand Access 2013 data types

•To be able to insert data into tables in Access 2013

•To be able to create relationships between tables in Access 2013

•To be able to create Query-by-Example (QBE) queries in Access 2013

Project Report by Individual, APA Format, Minimum 5 Pages, Double Spacing:

  • Introduction
  • Create database
  • Create tables
  • Using Access 2013 data types
  • Insert data into the tables
  • Create relationships between tables
  • Create query
  • Conclusions

Question 2

The scenario for the final project mentions that both insurance companies have customer relationship management systems (CRMs). The scenario further indicates a desire to merge all systems into a single consolidated data warehouse. Using what you have learned throughout this module, describe in a substantive manner in your initial post at least two challenges that could arise in merging two distinct CRM systems.

Also discussed How might one overcome these challenges?

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