Verbal Aggression

Morally Relevant Self-control

Before planning for this discussion, watch the following two videos related to self-control: 

The Marshmallow Experiment – Instant Gratification 

Joachim de Posada: Don’t eat the marshmallow! 

As was discussed earlier in your text, there are things that can promote self-controlled behavior such as parental warmth, limit setting, verbal guidance in managing emotion, and modeling (Berk, 2013). “But these practices become more effective when children acquire the ability to resist temptation” (pg. 514). In our work with children we play a vital role in helping children develop in this area of development. 

For this discussion you will presume to be working with a child in the early childhood period of development. Using the milestones chart for 1 ½ – 5 year olds on page 517 of your course text as well as the information gained from each of the videos, discuss how you will address each of the items below in a relevant manner to your future work with children (e.g. – if you plan to be a caregiver how will you approach each within the classroom environment, if you plan to be a director how will you ensure your staff addresses these issues, etc.). This discussion will include both proactive strategies to help children grow and develop in self-control as well as how to effectively deal with the fact that “As early as the preschool years, some children show abnormally high rates of hostility, assaulting others verbally and physically with little or no provocation” (Berk, 2013).

Be sure to include the following in your discussion:

  • What strategies will you implement for promoting growth in self-control (delaying gratification) and why do you feel these strategies will be effective?
  • What strategies will you use to address the increase in reactive aggression in this age group?
  • What strategies will you use to address the increase in verbal aggression of this age group?
  • How will you help children decrease aggressive behaviors amongst their peer groups?
  • Be sure to include information regarding the age of the children you will be working with as well as in what capacity (director, caregiver, etc.).
  • Lastly, using scholarly research from your text, discuss the benefits for children long-term when we can help them effectively develop morally relevant self-control.

300 words or more.

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