Vegetarian Diet

Question 1

For seven days, assume the diet of a lacto-ovo vegetarian. At least 7 meals during the week should contain complementary proteins. 
Record what you eat and drink for every meal and snack of every day.

1. What did you find most difficult about becoming a vegetarian for a week?

2. Were there any specific foods that you were craving while you were on a vegetarian diet?

3. Did you feel more or less hungry while following a vegetarian diet?

4. If you were to do this assignment again, what would you do differently?

5. What was your favorite meal? What was your least favorite meal?

6. After this assignment, would you consider becoming a vegetarian? Why or why not?

Question 2

For this out of class journal, read the article and then answer 4 or more of the questions below–the goal is to fully understand the article as well as reach 500 words for your journal entry!

Questions to consider for Soul, Black Women and Food

What 3 pieces make up the “puzzle” of the Black woman?

Describe the importance of roots?

Why were seeds so important to Blacks/Africans and what seeds did Africans bring to the US?

What does a plump body represent to the Black woman?

Describe the cooking habits of Black women?

When blacks move away from the “ghetto” to the suburbs, do they lose their cultural food identity?

What is at the core of Black food celebrations?

Describe feminine and masculine roles related to food as described by Hughes.

In a Black kitchen, how many meals are prepared a day and what is the importance of a hot breakfast?

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