Value Line

Question 1

The company you are going to work on is Abbott Laboratories (ABT).

** VI. Ratio:

Use the sources listed in the file (Stock analysis Fall 2018) Value line (library), Morningstar,, Capital IQ, Simply WSJ, NADAQ, and Zack reports to get the information. 

In this part, make a table (Exactly like the files (Ratios example and Ratio Example page 2) find the values of the ratios and then compare Abbott Laboratories (ABT) to the following competitors (Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, Roche Holding Ltd, and AmerisourceBergen Corp.) 

Then Define each ratio ( take a look at the examples to understand better)

**X Competitors:

You have examined your company thoroughly. Now describe the key competitors and compare them with your company based on selected key measures (as you used above to evaluate your company). That is you will decide the measures upon which you will make the comparison.

Question 2

As a corporate issuer, how would you decide to either issue new stock or to borrow by issuing debt? What would the advantages of either be?

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