Value Innovation

Question 1

Analyze the changing demographics in the U.S. that are indicating a shift in the population toward a Hispanic majority, and discuss how this shift changes the segmentation in the grocery and the fast-food industries. For example, if a grocery store you visit frequently currently has about 15 percent of its space dedicated to traditional Hispanic foods, should that percentage be increased in light of the demographic research? Be sure to use key demographic and lifestyle facts and figures about these markets and their consumers, and support your discussion with research.

Question 2

for this first discussion topic, please go online and research Blue Ocean Strategy. There is an article titled Value Innovation: a leap into the blue ocean by W. Chan Kim which is a great starting point to begin this discussion topic. There are also numerous websites covering this topic thus plenty of information. Share your sources with your discussion mates on this and each of the other discussion topics upcoming this semester. This concept fits well with what you will be doing in Capsim.

Question 3

Find and share an infographic that presents statistical results related to marketing and consumer trends (these often are frequency distributions but can include other types of analytical results). Describe how the infographic you chose effectively presents the research results. Is this a good way to present the data? Why or why not?

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