Validity of Information

Paper should be in APA format.

Food Deserts: People can make a difference

We live in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. This sprawling urban area spans over 9, 200 square miles. Driving around the metroplex one can see the prevalence of many grocery stores. However, a closer look shows that the distribution of the amenities in not uniform. Some areas have multiple stores where residents have many options and can access quality nutritional resources, while other areas have none to a few. These areas are a referred to as food deserts.

Write a 1000-word research paper and position paper on whether individual and community effort are sufficient to address food deserts.


What are food deserts and what is the criteria based on which an area is designated a food desert?

Identify areas in Dallas that can are considered Food Deserts.

Discuss the median incomes and resources available to the individuals living in these areas

Discuss the health of individuals living in food deserts. What is the long term impact of lack of access to adequate nutrition?

How is the city of Dallas trying to address this concern?

How are other cities addressing this issue?


Yes, individual and community efforts can make a difference in alleviating the lack of adequate nutritional resources in food deserts. 

Individual and community efforts are not an effective strategy in improving the availability of resources in food deserts.

Your opinion

Clearly state your position on whether community and individual efforts can or cannot improve availability of resources in food deserts




Use a minimum of eight references. You may use more as necessary.Be sure to evaluate the validity of information from Internet sources.You must include at least four Primary Citations (written by the scientist and not a news summary).

Government agencies usually provide a good source of information such as

NIH: National Institutes of Health (NIH), 

The librarians are helpful and welcome students seeking help with their research papers.

Do Not Use Wikipedia, other encyclopedias or only authentic scientific resources.News articles and TV reports may be used as a starting point but must be supported by credible scientific resources.

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