Universal Set


A set is a group of objects that we choose to put together. To further classify the objects in the set, we can create subsets using some or all of the members of the original set. For instance, consider the set of all dogs, and then consider some subsets of this set: the set of all Dalmatians, for instance, or the set of all black dogs. In your own words, give an example of EACH of the following and explain your reasoning.

Ø Equivalent sets vs. Equal sets

Ø Cardinality of sets and how cardinality relates to the number of subsets of a set

Ø Subset vs. Proper Subset

Ø Complement of a set vs. Complement of a universal set


 Discuss the role of quality and risk management to health care outcomes, including challenges in collecting and analyzing quantitative data in the health care environment, components of quality, and the fundamentals of outcome measurement. Review quality and risk management tools and strategies.

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