Unit VII Reflection Paper

Unit VII Reflection Paper


For this assignment, you are asked to prepare a reflection paper. The purpose is to allow you the opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions and reflect on various topics discussed so far in this course.

First, think about the globalization impact and commercialization of sports, and share how the various issues (gender, race, ethnicity, money, power, social class, age, ability, youth, violence, and deviance) have impacted sports and aided in the expansion of globalization and commercialization in the sporting industry. Reflect on three topics (issues) from the course that were more meaningful to you.

Additionally, consider this question in your paper: How will this newfound knowledge and information apply to your career and personal life?

For your reflection paper ensure it is typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font, and include page headers. Include the following parts:

Title page – Include the assignment title, Columbia Southern University, and your name.

Introduction – Provide a brief Introduction of your paper

Reflection of the three topics (issues) you want to discuss from the course.

How will this affect and impact your career and personal life?

Conclusion – Provide a brief conclusion wrapping up the elements of the paper.

Your paper should be a minimum of two pages, not counting title and reference pages.

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