Undocumented Immigrants

Question 1

Americans purchase products made in foreign countries using cheap labor. Answer the following questions:

1. Is this any different than allowing low-cost labor to immigrate to the U.S.?

2. How?

3. Why are employers who knowingly hire undocumented immigrants under less scrutiny than the immigrants themselves?

Must be academic. Do not use reference, this is a discussion.

Question 2

The country need to write about is Central Africa.

Total word count: 700

Prompt 1

What are the dominant natural resources in your region? Think broadly… minerals (such as gold or diamonds or copper or oil, etc.), timber, land, etc. Are there any conflicts? If so, how are those resources mobilized in the conflict? This doesn’t have to be a conflict such as in Sierra Leone or Nigeria. COnflicts of other more political and less violent kinds can be discussed here. Keep in mind that this can happen even in developed countries (think DAPL or protests again timber extraction). How are resources framed for each side?

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