Understanding the Research Process

The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of the research process as this applies to a primary research article. There are two primary research articles located within this module for you to choose from. 

Select the article you wish to review, read each section and then write your critique regarding each section (i.e. Introduction/Review of Literature/Methodology/Results, etc.).  Use the “Questions to Consider When Appraising Nursing Studies” in Table 15-1on page 406 of your text (and also found here in this module), along with the grading rubric (located in your syllabus and in this week’s module). Your responses to the questions/issues posed should form the basis of your critique of each section. Note that simple yes/no answers are not acceptable. If you judged something to be sufficient, explain why you think this is so. If you think something was not appropriately addressed in the article, discuss this as well.  A critique is not a reiteration of information presented in the article! It is your evaluation of what was said. Note: The research articles provided for you contain brief summaries of various sections of the articles. While helpful, these are not complete; your explanations/answers to the questions posed on the research critique guide are to be thorough and complete based on information presented throughout the article you select.

The paper should be formatted using APA 7th edition and should not exceed 4 pages in length (excluding cover page and references).  Students should cite both the textbook as used for critiquing criteria, and the article they are critiquing (including the authors, year, and title of the article) in text in the very first paragraph of the paper. Use your APA manual for instructions on how to properly cite author and year as well as how to format an article title within text of a paper. The in-text citations for your text and your selected article need only be in your first, introductory paragraph. If you draw on any other sources, those sources should also be cited. Your paper should be written in the FIRST PERSON as you demonstrate your mastery of research.  Be sure to provide a reference list with your text and article fully cited in APA format on a reference page at the end of your paper. 

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