Types of Methodology

This week, construct the final version of your research review.  As you wrap up your study that culminates into the final assignment, you should use your previous assignments, including your mind map to assemble your final product.  Remember to incorporate any feedback you have received from your professor so far.  It is very important to explain all your concepts (theories, types of methodology, ethics, findings, etc.) to your reader and avoid assuming that your reader is an expert on your topic

For your final paper, examine and report on approximately 10-12 articles of importance in your topic area of interest. As you are writing, you may find that you still must support some parts of your argument better with more research, or that some research does not really fit with your overall organization and plan.  Write a coherent, well-organized paper.

Be sure that your paper contains:

  • An introduction – A good introductory paragraph needs to end with a thesis statement.  A thesis statement provides a map for the reader to focus on.  What is the topic about and how will you review it?
  • The main body, which is subdivided by topic and subtopic – The evidence you are to provide should be organized by the topics and propel the theory into the realm of the scientist-practitioner.  This will be achieved by reviewing evidence-based studies and their connection to (evidence-based) programs.
  • A summary of your findings. Your summary (synthesis) should try and draw a conclusion (implications) based on your review of the research concerning the problem you focused on within the population you chose.  However, you may find that there is insufficient evidence to draw such a conclusion, or that a new program must be devised to meet the needs of that population.  This is where “Future Directions” of the research or program/s may need to go.  As a scientist-practitioner you will educate the reader into what makes a program work, why it works, and what happens when it does not work!

Length: 12-15 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 10 – 12 scholarly resources. In addition to these specified resources, other appropriate scholarly resources, including older articles, may be included.   

Assignmnent 2

As part of your Signature Assignment, you have addressed key elements relevant to your Research Topic; you will now finalize the application of those materials accordingly (training or webinar).  Refer to your previous assignments (e.g., your annotated bibliography, chart/annotated outline) to finalize this presentation, and use any feedback/feed-forward provided by your professor and additional materials you have researched further.  Be sure to include any activities you will have your audience complete, along with any resources, handouts, etc. in accordance with your training or webinar.

Key points that should be evident in your presentation, at a minimum, are listed below:

  1. Identify the topic/problem (prevalence/extent of the problem/gap/issue/concern) for the presentation (training or webinar):
  2. Specify target audience (who will benefit from this presentation? Parents, teachers, school administrators, other mental health professionals etc.);
  3. Identify evidence-based research that supports an EBP in addressing the topic/problem you are presenting on and the population as well;
  4. Address ethical, cultural, and diversity needs and issues;
  5. Identify what you are proposing based on research findings and implications (the take away (treatment approaches/interventions needed, testing of tools/assessments, the need for a program, the need for systemic collaborations on how a program works, etc.), which will be presented differently depending on your topic, purpose, and style of presentation (training versus webinar)); and
  6. Address collaborative efforts needed and their purpose (individuals, doctors, counselors/psychologists, parents, teachers, families, communities, etc.).

You have the option to present your oral presentation to your professor or submit embedded audio clips in each slide as if presenting.  Remember, you are presenting to an audience you are either training or conducting a webinar for, therefore consider your language and tone accordingly.

Your PowerPoint presentation should reflect professionalism in your usage of appropriate and appealing images and colors. Note: Good presentations do not contain too much information in the slides/transitions.  They include enough information to “whet the appetite” of the participants, and then the presenter completes the presentation with his or her narration. 

Your presentation should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts that are presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights (yours) relating directly to this topic.  Your presentation should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards (slides should have citations where information is used from an outside source and there should be a references slide at the end with full APA citations of all material used in the presentation).

Length: 15-20 slides, not including scholarly resources

Resources: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. 

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