True Power Readings


What is the maximum cooling air temperature allowed for in the design of an alternator?

A. 20° C C. 60° C

B. 40° C D. 80° C


A two-pole turbogenerator is designed for 60 Hz operation. What is the highest speed that would be

used to turn this steam-turbine alternator?

A. 600 rpm

C. 2400 rpm

B. 1200 rpm

D. 3600 rpm


The damper windings of an alternator are normally carried on the

A. armature.

B. prime mover.

C. rotor.

D. stator.

9. You want to make sure that two alternators are operating properly in parallel. Which of the following readings should be the same for each of the two machines?

A. Wattmeter readings

B. Power-factor readings

C. Current readings

D. True power readings

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