Tropical Climates

Write a short summary (it can be a few sentences as long as it covers the question) with your perspective of weeks 2-5 Discussion Topics. There are two discussion questions per week. Please combine the summaries for each week onto a single word document & put the responses right underneath the questions.


DQ1 – Why are the bridges the first sections of streets or highways to become icy? Explain your answer in terms of heat transfer.

DQ2 – Why are the poles and slightly lower latitudes so cold in the summertime when they receive almost 24 hours of daylight?

The earth travels around the sun in an elliptical path. Could this have something to do with it? How does this elliptical path relate to the seasons.


DQ1 – What is the difference between the relative humidity versus dew point, and which is a better indicator of the amount of moisture in the air? Which is more closely related to how sticky the air feels? Why?

What role does humidity play in human comfort? Think about, for example, electric heat versus gas or air conditioning versus a swamp cooler.

DQ2 – Rain forests are normally located in the tropical climates, but there is a mid-latitude rain forest in the northwest continental U.S. How is this possible? Please explain the processes that are taking place. Do the mountain ranges that are parallel and relatively close to the shoreline play a important part in the process? If so, state why or why not.


DQ1 – Standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York City, the air pressure is slightly less than if standing on Miami Beach in Florida. Why is this the case? What factors influence air pressure?

Both NYC and Miami are basically the same elevation above sea level so what conclusion have you made about pressure/temperature changes with regard to the vertical versus horizontal.

DQ2 – Why is it windy at the beach? What forces are responsible and how do beachfront conditions differ from conditions farther inland? discuss both day and night time conditions.


DQ1 – How do global wind patterns affect the ocean currents? What are the differences between the Northern and Southern Hemispheric wind-ocean currents?

The Southern Hemisphere is called the water hemisphere since there are only two significant land masses affecting currents. How do land masses affect ocean currents? Give a specific explanation of an ocean current and what occurs due to the land mass.

DQ2 – If a hurricane hits the Virginia coast, why is the weather often more severe on the northeast side of the storm than on the southwet side?

Write a short summary (few sentences as long as it covers the question) with your perspective of weeks 6-8 Discussion Topics. There are two discussion topics per week. Please combine the summaries for each week onto a single word document.

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