Tribal Stage

Question 1

Transactional leadership, while quite different from transformational leadership, has its place in leadership practice. As you continue your application-based SLP journey in this course, conduct research to find a team or organization that primarily uses transactional leadership. Use the research you conduct to determine your best judgment regarding the organization or team’s tribal stage.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Once again, acting as an outside consultant, create a 2- to 3-page report (not counting the title page or reference section) for the organization’s leadership that addresses the following:

  1. A brief overview of the way transactional leadership is employed within the organization.
  2. A brief explanation of the impact of the way transactional leadership is employed on the tribal stage of the organization.
  3. A clear, research-backed recommendation addressing which changes should be made (based on the selected tribal stage).
  4. An action plan for implementing those changes.

Question 2

• Write a one page summary of the tectonic evolution of the region of the North American continent in which you live.

• Write a one-page paper on the likelihood of another extensive glaciation occurring within the next million years. How about two million years or even 10 million years?

• Does Geology rock? Share your experiences in geology during this course. What specific aspects of your study surprised you by how fascinating they were? What new insights opened to you? Interact with classmates one more time.

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