Trends in Violent Crimes in the US

Go to the Bureau of Justice Statistics website at: Go to Crime Type on the left and select a crime from the list.

Write a summary of the statistical trends and information shown about the crime that you selected.

Compare the functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist perspectives on the crime that you have selected.

Describe the role of the police, courts, and prisons on this particular crime.

Develop a plan for addressing this crime on the micro-, mid- or macrolevel, according to which level would be the best fit. Also the functionalist, conflict, and symbolic interactionist approaches in your plan.

Length: at least 500 words.
Margins: 1 inch on sides and at top and bottom
Font: No larger than 12
If using a Mac, upload using one of these formats: RTF, PPT, PPS, PDF, DOC, DOCX, PPTX, XML, XLS, TXT, WPD
Include a Works Cited page
Proofread and spell check your papers for spelling, grammar, and organization.

Summary of crime – 30 points
Analysis on statistical information and trends & plan developed for addressing crime – 50 points
Format – 10 points (length, margins, font, etc)
Grammar/Organization – 10 points

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