Transition to a Low Carbon Society

Because of the lag time associated with the climate system, we cannot stop climate change from occurring: It is already with us. Consequently, as emphasized in this course, we need effective adaptation strategies in order to cope with a change in climate. The degree to which adaptation is necessary depends on our how we choose to respond to this problem in terms of our mitigation efforts. We are in a position to mitigate, or lessen, the effects of climate change by significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but given our dependence on fossil fuels, this will not be an easy task.

Drawing on what you have learned throughout the course and your response to the focus questions in Topic 3, consider the following question: What is an appropriate response to the problem of climate change? In answering this question, you will need to consider what sorts of actions you think are appropriate for government, business, and individuals to take. Are government and industry, for example, doing enough to address this problem? If not, provide some examples of additional measures that you think are necessary. How important do you think economic considerations are? What sort of lifestyle changes, if any, are you prepared to make? Would you consider giving up your SUV for a hybrid car? Would you be prepared to give up your car? Do you agree with British Columbia’s revenue-neutral carbon tax? Explain your position.

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