Transactional Trust

Question 1

Which of the following is NOT an aspect of transactional trust?

A. Integrity

B. Authority

C. Confidentiality

D. Authentication

Question 2

Relationship profiles are based on relationship:

A. indicators.

B. connectors.

C. exchanges.

D. authentication.


A recent article in The Wall Street Journal reported   that the 30-year mortgage rate is now less than 6 percent. A sample of eight   small banks in the Midwest revealed the following   30-year   rates (in percent):     

  4.8     5.3     6.5     4.8     6.1     5.8     6.2     5.6       

At   the .01 significance level, can we conclude that the 30-year mortgage rate   for small banks is less than 6 percent? Estimate the p-value.    

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