Training Proposal and Annotated Bibliography


Imagine that your team is attempting to get hired by a company to train its employees on a specific skill/competence related to professional development. Applying what you’ve learned in this class, develop a wellresearched and engaging training program and write a proposal targeted at the imaginary “VP of Training” at a target company. Your goal is to show that you know a great deal about the training topic and that you can deliver a valuable training experience for a specific group of the company’s employees. Carefully choose the company and the group of employees who will benefit from learning about your topic. Your deliverable will contain two

parts: (1) a persuasive proposal designed to convince the VP of Training to hire you to lead a 15-minute training session

Part (2) an annotated bibliography showing the research you’ve done and the sources you’ve found.

Part 1:

Persuasive Training Proposal Applying the persuasion skills learned in this class, write a proposal to an imaginary VP of Training at a real company of your choice, asking him/her to hire you. Your proposal should include: (a) an introduction to the training topic—supported by research—that shows that you have a solid understanding of the topic,

(b) the target audience for the training (what type/level of employee is the training designed for?),

(c) a convincing explanation of the benefits of the training,

(d) specific goals for the training session, and

(e) an agenda for the training session, including a description of an interactive activity that will involve audience participation.

The proposal should be 2- 3 pages, single-spaced. Use headings to encourage readability and make the content “skimmable.

Judicious use of bullet points is allowed. Overall, the proposal should be professional and persuasive.

You can use this evaluation for part 1

Evaluation Criteria for Persuasive Training Proposal

 • Does the proposal include an introduction to the training topic with thoughtful analysis of purpose, audience, context, scope, medium, and tone appropriate to the topic? • Is the training tailored to a specific audience and organization? • Does the proposal provide credible support for the benefits and value of the training? • Does the training session contain clearly defined goals? • Does the training agenda include a clear description of a relevant, interactive activity? • Does the proposal include 8-10 unique in-text citations that use APA format? • Is the proposal clear, concise, well organized, polished, and professional? • Is the proposal appropriately persuasive, and does it strongly encourage hiring the team?

Part 2:

Annotated Bibliography:

An annotated bibliography is an organized list of sources such as books, articles, journals, web pages, videos, or other materials. Each source has an annotation, which is a brief (usually about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph that includes a summary of the source and notes about its credibility, quality, limitations, and usefulness for the writer. Your annotated bibliography must include three to four annotated sources per person, for a total of 15 sources per team.


 Basic Instructions For each source you find, create an APA-style reference listing and write an annotation with these four

 parts: 1. Summarize the content of the source (based on your purpose)

2. Evaluate the source’s credibility and quality

3. Discuss any limitations of the source, such as timeliness or biased views

 4. Describe the usefulness of the source to your research (using first person — “I”)

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