Traditional Money

Question 1

Samantha, a friend of yours, has several questions about investment banking. During a recent conversation with her, Samantha heard you mention leveraged buyouts and she is very puzzled by this term. Knowing that Samantha recently purchased a home in Massachusetts, how would you, explain leveraged buyouts to her? Also explain, how the house model deviates from a leveraged buyout of a company.

Keep that answer limited to two pages.

Question 2

“will electric money replace traditional money?”research presentation.

Make a content in word with 600-800 words to speech and powerpoints with approximate 10 slides.

Question 3

Enterprise value is often described as being capital structure neutral, as was discussed in class, and as a metric that includes only risky assets, i.e., debt and equity. Is there any loss of information about the company from using enterprise value multiples in a comparable company analysis? Explain your answer and keep that answer limited to two pages.

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