Toxic Relationships

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Read the short text below and watch the short clip related to this subject then discuss how this might affect you as health professionals in your relative areas of expertise. Remember to find three (3) articles that discuss the effects of this type of stress on development in some way — they can relate to adults or children – wherever you specialize ( or want to). This topic is broad — think about cortisol over/under production, brain development, cognitive skills, depression, anxiety etc.

Toxic stress results from intense adverse experiences that may be sustained over a long period of time—weeks, months or even years. An example of toxic stress is child maltreatment, which includes abuse and neglect. Children are unable to effectively manage this type of stress by themselves. As a result, the stress response system gets activated for a prolonged amount of time. This can lead to permanent changes in the development of the brain. The negative effects of toxic stress can be lessened with the support of caring adults. Appropriate support and intervention can help in returning the stress response system back to its normal baseline.

Children and Toxic Stress_ Sandra Bloom, PhD(1).mp4

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