Topic and Sources

Question 1

For writing Assignment 4, you will write a fully-developed 500-750 word draft of your explanatory synthesis paper, which MUST include one additional source from the Topics and Sources page. Your draft (and the final paper) MUST contain a total of four sources. We encourage you to use the same source you worked with in the activities in this module, since those activities were planned with this task in mind. Using your outline and the feedback you received from your instructor on your outline, you will start to build the paragraphs that make up your paper.

Make sure your explanatory synthesis essay draft includes all of the elements below:

  • A fully developed introduction paragraph that includes a thesis statement that’s appropriate for an explanatory synthesis paper’s purpose
  • Fully developed body paragraphs that present topic sentences, integrate source evidence, consider opposing viewpoints between sources (if they exist), and contain effective transitions both within and between paragraphs
  • A fully developed conclusion paragraph that reiterates the main point of the paper
  • In-text citations in APA format, which indicate where you will include summarized, paraphrased, and quoted material in your paper, and a corresponding reference list, using the APA citation wizard
  • Your paper draft must be free from first person reference. Your paper draft must be written from a third person perspective.

Question 2

Solve the system 



Select one:

a. (-4,8,-6)

b. (8,-6,-4)

c. (-6,-4,8)

d. (-4,-6,8)

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