Thoughts and Feelings About Climate Changes

Read the article (Giawani, Larkink Jackson, 2016 What is the point of life?: An interpretative phenomenological analysis of suicide in young men with first-episode psychosis), and give examples of how the authors fulfill/not fulfill Yardles’ (2000) quality criteria commitment, rigor, transparency, and coherence.

Question 2, 4p

Formulate a research question for a study of young men and women’s (note; two groups) thoughts and feelings about climate changes and becoming a parent in the future (1p). Describe how you would collect and analyze your data (3p).

Question 3, 4p

A narrative study can be done in several ways. The following question could be answered through a narrative analysis: “How do young adults construct their stories of having fled from a war-torn country to Sweden?” Describe how you would conduct a narrative study with this aim (data collection and analysis).

Question 4, 4p

Motivate why IPA is a suitable analysis method for studies in psychology (1p)? What do phenomenology, hermeneutics, and ideography mean for a study conducted with IPA (3p)?

Question 5, 4p

What does a social constructionist perspective mean for the view of knowledge? (2p)

Formulate a research question that would be appropriate to answer with Foucauldian discourse analysis. Motivate why your research question is suitable for this analysis method. (2p)

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