Theories of Change and Leadership Syles

This project is a formal paper designed to assist the student in developing leadership skills in the area of change management. Theories of change, and styles of leadership should be used to analyze and plan for the implementation and evaluation of the change. Each student will complete a scholarly paper after identifying an organizational problem, analyzing the problem, applying a theory of change to the problem and proposing a solution. There needs to be an emphasis on leadership skills throughout the various phases of the paper. The student will submit a scholarly paper on the date posted on the course calendar describing the planned change process.
Use APA format for the paper.

Step one
Describe in detail the problem selected. Describe the organization and structure of the unit/institution where the problem exists. What is the purpose of the organization and unit? What is the formal and informal culture of the unit? Who are the formal or informal leaders or key players in the situation? Describe the situation surrounding the problem in detail. Briefly describing who, what, when, where, how, and why elements of the situation. The elements may be human, technological, or system problems.

Step two
Review the literature to examine current trends or research about the issue. Must have at least three (3) references but you can have as any as you need.

Step three
Analyze driving forces and restraining forces affecting the change situation. Give each driving or restraining force a rank in importance or amount or resistance or support expected. After analyzing driving or restraining forces and ranking each decide if you want to continue with this change. Explain your analysis and reason.

Step four
Develop measurable goals or outcomes for the change. How will you know if your change was effective? How will you know that the change is complete? Include specifics like what resources, technology, equipment, money, people, or education will be needed for the change. Include a time frame in your outcomes.

Step five
Identify a planned change strategy and describe how the theory will be used to implement the planned change. Include a paragraph explaining the change theory you selected and then follow the theory when developing your planned change.

Step six
Describe the process for staff education or change implementation. What steps will you take to implement the change? Give time frames to complete each step. What leadership skills will you need during this time? Explain how you will deal with staff resistance.

Step seven
How will you evaluate the effectiveness of the change? Address how you will evaluate during the process and then again six months after the implementation?

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