The Role of the APN as a Leader in the Delivery of High-Quality Healthcare

Please write the paper addressing four questions below. Please use 3 separate scholarly resources within 5 years to support the paper.

Advanced Practice Nurse Clinical Leadership to Ensure Culturally Competent Care to Address Health Inequities

Purpose: The purpose of this discussion is to examine the role of the APN as a leader in healthcare delivery of high-quality, evidence-based care to culturally diverse populations who experience health inequities.

Instructions: Review the lesson and readings from this week and provide an example of how health system leaders can reduce health inequities to improve quality and outcomes.

Resources from the class.

APNs need to become aware of the factors that contribute to culturally competent care. Giger and Davidhizar (2017) developed a transcultural assessment model that incorporates six cultural phenomena that influence healthcare delivery.

  • Communication
  • Space
  • Social organization
  • Time
  • Environmental control
  • Biological variations

APNs should include the social, spiritual, lifestyle, societal, and family aspects of individuals to deliver culturally competent care. As the DNP-prepared nurse leader, it will be important to understand the ethnic, linguistic, spiritual, and sociological diversities of your team also. While it is not possible to understand everything about all cultures, having cultural humility is very important. Cultural humility is described as honesty, esteem, admiration, and acknowledgment of other cultures and their views on life, as well as healthcare (DeNisco, 2021).

The program can be accessed at the following website:

A Physician’s Practical Guide to Culturally Competent CareLinks to an external site.

The following video highlights strategies to become a culturally competent nurse. View the video for more insight into culturally competent care.

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