The Rhetorical Situation

Please read “The Rhetorical Situation” in the Week One Readings before completing this discussion.

  • Let’s take a look at an ad and identify the audience, the context, and the kairotic moment.
  • These things aren’t all separate, they usually intertwine.

If you were not paying attention to politics in 2012, here is a little context about the “Binders of Women” gaffe.

After watching the ad “Trouble Relating to Women,” answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the author and target audience?
  2. How does the ad appeal to the target audiences’ values?
  3. What is necessary context to know about the ad? What was going on in the country around that time? What was the national conversation about?
  4. What kairotic moment does the ad seize upon and how does it use it?
  • Write a paragraph of 300-400 words that answers these questions in paragraph form.
  • The paragraph should give us a good idea of the rhetorical situation of the ad.

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