The Rave

Write 3 full pages a reflection paper not include the reference page about the following:

  • The Dream from My Father – by Barak Obama OR
  • Edgar Allen Poe:
    • The Rave
    • The Premature burial
    • The Tell-Tale Heart
    • The black cat
    • The imp of the perverse
    • The purloined letter
    • The paper is to be 3 full double-spaced pages in black Times New Roman 12 pt. font with 1-inch margins.
    • The paper must Include an introduction, body, and conclusion.
    • The paper you create and write becomes part of Turnitin, so make sure this is an original paper 100%.
    • This is not a research paper that requires outside books and Internet use.
      Use and cite “The Dream from My Father” by Barak Obama, and Edgar Allen Poe. And don’t search and site any outside materials from the internet, but if you do you must cite them.
    • Use MLA Style for in-text citations.
    • Works Cited – Follow MLA Style Sheet.

    First, you need write a summary about your choice either Barak Obama book or Edgar Allen Poe. Then, explain the them, Identity, Unity, Individualism, Religion, ethnic, and culture. Generally, try to cover all the above points when you write about this book or the Poe and add your thought and opinion to it as well.

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