The Industrial Revolution in England

Writing Assignment # 2 The Industrial Revolution in England.

Remember to consult the GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS for all three writing assignments for guidance on the paper’s format, introduction paragraph etc.

This paper should be 2-3 pages in length, in essay format (introduction, body, conclusion) printed with Times New Roman size 12.  Please refer to General Instructions page for a more complete description of required information. [4 points]

ASSIGNMENT TASKS – use the primary and secondary sources assigned with this paper:

1)  Develop a thesis around the question: Was the legislation passed by the British Parliament adequate to resolve the worker’s situation or was the Marxist view a better alternative? [2 points]

2)  Place the documents under consideration in their historical context – the political and economic ideas & issues of Industrial England in the late 18th & early 19th centuries. [2 points]

3) Discuss at least three (3) the problems and/or conditions the working class of that era had to endure. [3 points]

4) Explain the response by the British government; What issues were addressed? [2 points]

5) Explain the alternate response advocated by Socialist thinkers like Karl Marx. [2 points]

   ***You may cite your sources by putting the author’s last name or document title in parenthesis at the end of the quote or paraphrase.

6) Don’t forget a conclusion paragraph: have you carried your thesis/argument throughout? Will it convince the reader of your position? [2 points]

7) Proofread your paper: ??? grammatical errors, spelling, capitalization, italics, slang words, sentence & paragraph structure and above all – does the paper reflect your ability to write a cohesive and coherent college-level essay. [4 points]

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