The Garden of Ecos

Christensen and Haas “…movies (e.g. animated, CGI, reality based/documentary) are a formidable force for gentle inculcation of ideas and for persuasion.” (37). 


Pick one film and the associated reading for this essay assignment. Write a maximum of 1500 words. This is an analytical essay, not a research essay.  You are required to use the one reading indicated for each film choice and concepts for the analysis of your film. Grade: Letter grade converted to numerical grade out of 100 points, with an overall worth 35% of final grade.

1. The Garden of Ecos (NFB), by Co Hoedeman.

Discuss how the short animated film Garden of Ecos (1997) by Coe Hoedman, promotes political ideas relating to Hobbes’ (and other’s such as Locke and Rousseau),theories of what can potentially occur in a “State of Nature” (to one’s beliefs, values, actions, morality) through the story/allegory of two animal societies at war.  Begin your analysis of the film by applying Christensen and Haas political film typology (as part of your introduction).

*Please read and reference the State of Nature chapter in Introduction to Political Ideologies by Jonathan Wolff (2006), Chapter 1. (Digital course e-book reading).

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