The Cubists: Picasso

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For this assignment, Guillame Apollinaire’s short texts “The Cubists” and “The New Painting: Art Notes” in Art in Theory: 1900-2000, pgs. 185-188 and Robert Rosenblum’s “Picasso and the Typography of Cubism.” Analyze one of Picasso’s work that brought him into the Cubist phase.
In a 2-3 page, double-spaced paper answer the following questions:
How does Rosenblum categorize and distinguish the difference between typography in analytic and synthetic Cubism?Compare Rosenblum and Apollinare’s definitions of Cubism and its significance in modern art. How has Rosenblum’s analysis changed or remained the same from Apoillinare’s writings that emerged from the original avant-garde context?In what ways does Cubism represent Modernist ideals of the blending of high and low art through the use of typography?After reading the course materials what are some of the essential components of the Cubist style and how did Picasso utilize perspective in a manner that was completely revolutionize art from the classical perspective of the past? In your words, what are the “pictorial problems” Rosenblum sees in Picasso’s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon and how does this work represent a cubist understanding of style in modern art?Format your paper according to the Liberal Arts Writing Guide (also found under the references tab in this course). Your paper should contain the following components:
Papers must have an introduction and a conclusion.Papers will be formatted in Chicago Manual Style and include a separate Bibliography page.Discusses specific examples and not generalities.Papers must be spellchecked with no grammar or punctuation errors. 

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