Test Statistics


a) Given the following hypotheses, determine the p-value when xbar = 21, n = 25, and σ = 5.
Ho : µ = 20
H1 : µ ≠ 20

b) repeat part (a) with xbar = 22.

c) repeat part (a) with xbar = 23.

d) Describe what happens to the value of the test statistic and its p-value when the value of xbar increases.


When a large amount of output is produced per unit of the input, the input is said to exhibit
A high productivity.
B low productivity.
C marginal productivity.
D derived productivity.

When Burger Barn hires one worker, 20 customers can be served in an hour. When Burger Barn hires two workers, 50 customers can be served in an hour. The marginal product of the second worker is ________ customers served per hour.
A 15
B 30
C 40
D 67.5

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