Ten Principles

10 principles and lessons learned outside reading evaluation assignment

10 principles and Lessons Learned outside reading evaluation assignment

Book: How why How We Do Anything means everything…in business (and in life) by dov Seidman

Assignment specifics:
learn by reading this valuable book How The Power of how we do things as business persons can become an all-encompassing Behavior for a company. the author explains this phenomenon.
Prepare one paragraph summaries of the ten principles and lessons you learned from reading this valuable book.
encompass within your ten principles and lessons the author’s descriptions and explanations of (1)how we have been how we have changed (2) the journey to how (3)how we think(4) how we behave(5) how we govern (6) the new self-governing cultures and(7) the new leadership framework
make the final 10 principles and lesson and assessment of the volume of the lessons of this book from the a difficult perspectives that you have learned in this class.
o Perspective 1 responsibilities from right the deontology of Immanuel kant
o Perspective 2 social consequentialism the utilitarianism of john stuart mill
o Perspective 3 altruistic Justice the Justice theory of John Rawls
o Perspective 4 hedonistic objectivism the objectivist theories of ayn rand
o Perspective 5 the passions of emotions the emotional judgmentalism of Robert Solomon
o Perspective 6 virtuous character The Virtue ethics of Aristotle alysdair MacIntyre
o Perspective 7 judeo christian theology the law of God and scriptures from the prophets of God
o Perspective 8 Ethical science the science and neuroscience consequentialism of Sam Harris
use the following structure typed cover page with the pertinent information about the assignment and yourself your own title of your assignment and the ten number paragraphs that explain the ten principles and lessons you learned from reading this valuable book
start each paragraph by stating principal and lesson one: do that for all ten of them prioritize them by putting your most important lesson first and moving on to lesson ten.



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