Technology in National and Local Security


Technology in National and Local Security


National and local security agencies often use technology to protect citizens. For example, computers are used to maintain a list of individuals not cleared to board a commercial aircraft.


    •  create a list of the various ways technology helps to keep the public safe.
    •  how do  local agencies, such as police departments, use technology to ensure security.
    •   ways national security agencies use technology to protect the public from threats,
    •   ways that private businesses use technology to enhance security. Compile these findings into a report.

MLA Citation, links

Mobile Device Batteries


You work in the IT department for a large publishing company that just purchased new tablets for all employees. The department manager asked you to prepare information about how to conserve the battery life of the tablets.

    •  choose three different types of tablet.
    • Find information about the battery life for each device type, including recommendations for use by the manufacturer and user reviews of the device and its chargers.
    • Research apps that track battery life.
    • Search for articles by industry experts that give tips on conserving the battery life of a tablet. Which tablet would you recommend? Why? How does the charger affect the battery life? What did you learn about battery conservation? What apps would you recommend? Why?

MLA Citation , Links

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